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DSMC Side Handle Compatibility

The DSMC Side Handle is not compatible with DSMC2 cameras. You can use the DSMC2 Top Handle for run and gun shooting and the DSMC2 Sidekick for similar controls.

For more information, download the corresponding Operation Guide for your camera.


RED Media Compatibility

RED MINI-MAG® SSDs are compatible with DSMC2 cameras.

For more information, go to the DSMC Media Operation Guide.


What lenses cover the RED DRAGON 8K sensor?

You can use any lens with FF35 coverage that covers the 24 mm x 36 mm size of traditional Full Frame and the 8K RED DRAGON® sensor (see image below illustrating RED® 8K 2:1). RED’s 8K format allows for the use of a variety of both still and cinema Full Frame glass, vintage and new. Another advantage of RED’s 8K format is that it engulfs the full height of the anamorphic format.

RED VistaVision Image Circle.png

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