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When can I pre-order my WEAPON upgrade?

Now. Upgrade pre-orders began April 13, 2015.


Can I upgrade my MYSTERIUM-X camera to WEAPON?

No, only EPIC DRAGON and SCARLET DRAGON® owners are eligible to upgrade their cameras to the new WEAPON® camera system. EPIC MYSTERIUM-X® and SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X camera owners first need to upgrade to the DRAGON sensor to take advantage of the WEAPON upgrade path.

MYSTERIUM and MYSTERIUM-X camera owners are currently eligible for an upgrade to a RED EPIC-W with HELIUM 8K S35 sensor or SCARLET-W with RED DRAGON 5K sensor. See the RED Owner Pricing article for further details.


Is my upgraded DRAGON BRAIN eligible for the WEAPON upgrade?

Yes. All DRAGON BRAINs are eligible for the WEAPON upgrade, including:



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