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Black Shading

Black shading (calibration) is required:

 After an extreme change in temperature (+/- 30°F or +/-15°C) from the current calibration map.

  • After an extreme change in exposure time (+/- 1/2 sec) from the current calibration map.
  • For WEAPON®: If you calibrated using Auto Capture, you DO NOT need to re-calibrate when exposure changes. If you calibrated using Manual Capture, you DO need to re-calibrate when exposure changes.
  • For EPIC RED DRAGON® or SCARLET® DRAGON: After each firmware upgrade.
  • For EPIC MYSTERIUM-X® or SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X®: After a firmware upgrade if instructed to do so in the firmware release notes. 

  • For WEAPON: After each firmware upgrade.

For more information, download the corresponding Operation Guide for your camera.


Clean the Camera Sensor or OLPF

The camera sensor and optical low-pass filter (OLPF) are EXTREMELY sensitive to dust, debris, and contamination. As with all optical glass, any type of physical contact with the OLPF may scratch or damage the surface. RED recommends that you clean the camera sensor or OLPF using physical contact ONLY if absolutely necessary.

ALWAYS use an air bulb to remove any particles or contaminants—such as dust—before cleaning the sensor or OLPF with electronics swabs or wipes and cleaning solution. Cleaning the sensor or OLPF without removing solid particles and contaminants greatly increases the risk of scratching the optical surface.

RED recommends using a Delkin Devices Digital Duster Kit (or equivalent) to clean the sensor or OLPF.

WARNING: Clean the camera sensor AT YOUR OWN RISK. The camera sensor is covered by a layer of protective glass, but will not protect the sensor from improper care. Damage to the sensor caused by improper handling is NOT covered under warranty. If the sensor becomes dirty, contact your Bomb Squad representative.

WARNING: Handle the DSMC Interchangeable OLPFs carefully. DO NOT touch the OLPF glass. Failure to follow proper instructions may scratch or damage the OLPF. 

For cleaning information, go to the corresponding Operation Guide for your camera.


Locked Camera Firmware Download Button

You must be signed in to your RED account to download camera firmware. To create a RED account, go to New Account Registration.


Cannot Sign Into RED Account

If you cannot sign in to your RED account, ensure that you are signing in with the correct username and password. Usernames can be any alphanumeric sequence and are not limited to e-mail addresses (username

If you are still unable to sign in, submit a Technical Support request.


Find your Camera's PIN and Serial Number

Follow these instructions to find your camera's PIN and Serial Number.

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