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What is the sensor size of a RED ONE?

The original RED ONE® MYSTERIUM® sensor dimensions are 24.4 mm x 13.7 mm.

The upgraded RED ONE MYSTERIUM-X® sensor dimensions are 30 mm x 15 mm.


What does the term “scaled” refer to in contrast to “windowed”?

The RED ONE gives you the option of choosing a lower resolution finish with depth of field (DOF) control of full sensor recording. Shooting 2K or 3K “windowed" means that a smaller area of the sensor is used. Shooting 2K "scaled" means that the 4K area of the sensor is sampled and downsized to 2K to enable a 2K recording with 4K DOF.

NOTE: Scaled capture is not available on the RED ONE. 


What area of the RED ONE sensor is used for 2K, 3K, and 4K?

Resolution Sensor Area
4K 22.2 mm x 12.6 mm
3K 16.65 mm x 9.36 mm
2K 11.1 mm x 6.24 mm
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