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What is the difference between EPIC-X and EPIC-M?

EPIC-X MYSTERIUM-X® is a production-run camera and includes a 1-year standard warranty.

EPIC-M MYSTERIUM-X is hand-assembled using machined parts and includes a 2-year standard warranty.

EPIC-X and EPIC-M are both made in the USA.


Does SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X have the same native dynamic range as EPIC MYSTERIUM-X?



What type of audio does the EPIC and SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X BRAIN record?

The EPIC MYSTERIUM-X and SCARLET® MYSTERIUM-X  record an independent audio channel per input. The DSMC® supports eight (8) incoming audio channels, and can record up to four (4) audio channels. Each audio channel can be treated as either a stereo or mono track in post production.

For more information, download the EPIC/SCARLET Operation Guide.


Since SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X has a lower data rate, does it burn less power and have greater battery life?


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