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What cameras currently offer the RED DRAGON sensor?

NOTE: New WEAPON DRAGON (Magnesium) orders will not be taken until all EPIC/SCARLET DRAGON-to-WEAPON DRAGON (Magnesium) upgrade orders have been notified. Currently, WEAPON DRAGON (Magnesium) is only available as an upgrade.


Is the black shading calibration process different on EPIC/SCARLET DRAGON than EPIC/SCARLET MYSTERIUM-X?

Yes. The black shading calibration process has been updated with several new features and the amount of time required to successfully complete has been significantly reduced.

For more information, download the corresponding Operation Guide for your camera.


Does RED DRAGON have anamorphic modes?

Yes. There is a default anamorphic mode available in-camera called 6K ANA. There are also user-based resolution settings that allow you to match the RED DRAGON to the MYSTERIUM-X® field of view by shooting the adjusted resolution.


Does the RED DRAGON sensor work with 3D setups?



Is the DSMC Fan 2.0 Upgrade Kit (Top/Bottom) required to use my RED DRAGON?

No. The DSMC® Fan 2.0 Upgrade Kit (Top/Bottom) is optional; RED DRAGON cameras work with the original front fan.

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