RED ONE Accessories Overview

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Can I use phantom power for my mics?

Yes, the RED ONE supplies 48V phantom power.


Why do I see menu information on the LCD and EVF, but not on the HDMI output?

The menu is available to HD-SDI and HDMI only when a display is not connected to the LCD or EVF port.


What batteries can I use with the RED ONE?

You can use the RED BRICK® battery with the RED ONE.


Can I use a remote to control the RED ONE?

Yes, the RED ONE provides two (2) GPIO trigger interfaces.


Can I use third-party displays on the RED ONE?

Yes, the RED ONE supports third-party HDMI displays. Connect a third-party LCD to the HDMI port on the RED ONE.


What tripods are recommended for the RED ONE?

RED recommends a tripod with a fluid head capable of supporting a minimum of 40lbs.


What types of microphones does the RED ONE support?

The RED ONE supports self-powered microphones and microphones that require 48V phantom power. RED recommends that the microphone have an output sensitivity ranging between −30db and −60db.


Does RED offer a Canon Mount for the RED ONE?

No. Contact RED Technical Support before adapting your RED camera to verify that the mount does not void your RED warranty.


Do the RED ONE recognize iPin data from PL lenses?



What RED SSDs are compatible with the RED ONE?

REDMAG™ 1.8” SSD 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB are compatible with the RED ONE.



The RED-DRIVE is an external hard drive that you can connect to the RED ONE to record footage. The power connector requirements are:

  • Model: 3A-181WP12
  • Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.6A
  • Output: 12V-1.5A

Note: The RED-DRIVE requires a power adaptor when using the USB port.

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