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Frequently asked questions:


What is the average size of a 4K movie encoded to .RED?

At 9GB an hour, the average size of a .RED movie of 90 minutes is approximately 13.5GB.


What is the difference between Blu-ray and REDRAY?

Blu-ray is an optical disc media supporting HD and 3d content at 8-bit 4:2:0 color precision.

REDRAY® is an IP Network based media player supporting 4K and 3D content at 12-bit 4:2:2 color precision at 24 FPS. This technology allows you to seamlessly distribute and view your content as it was originally intended.


Does REDRAY play R3D files?

No. However, R3D® files can be easily encoded as .RED files using REDCINE-X PRO®.

For more information on encoding R3D files, go to the REDCINE-X PRO Operation Guide.


Can I play Blu-ray or DVD optical discs on my REDRAY?

No. REDRAY does not accept optical disc media and does not decode ripped files.


What compressed media file formats does REDRAY support?

REDRAY supports .RED and .mp4 media files.


Is there a way to restrict the playback of .RED files?

Yes. REDRAY media security allows you to restrict playback of .RED files to specified REDRAY players. Unauthorized users are not able to play the files.


Is there a remote control app for REDRAY?

Yes. Each REDRAY is supplied with an IR remote controller. You can also download an iOS app from the iOS App Store.


Can I use REDRAY with my HDTV if I don’t have a 4K display?

Yes. REDRAY can optionally scale 4K content to 1920x1080p or 1280x720p resolution, which is compatible with a standard HDMI 1.3 input on your HDTV.


Does REDRAY support looped playback?



How many hours of footage does the internal 1TB hold?

Approximately 100 hours of 4K .RED content.


How does REDRAY connect to my HD or 4K TV or projector?

REDRAY uses HDMI 1.4 cables to connect to your display or projector.


How do I play content on my REDRAY?

  1. Copy a .RED file to an SD card or USB flash drive.

  2. Insert the SD card or USB flash drive into the player.

  3. Select the file that you want to play.


How do I connect the audio from my REDRAY to my speakers?

Use an HDMI 1.4 cable to connect your REDRAY and AV receiver.


Is there a fee for the RRENCODE plugin?

One (1) free RRENCODE plugin license is included with each REDRAY purchased.


How do I encode my content into a 4K .RED File?

The RRencode plugin is available in REDCINE-X PRO. For more information, go to the REDCINE-X PRO Operation Guide.


Can I connect more than one HD display to my REDRAY?

Yes. REDRAY allows you to split a single large format image across four (4) HD panels. You can also synchronize multiple REDRAY players for large-scale video wall applications.


Can I connect an external drive to my REDRAY?

Yes. The REDRAY internal hard drive can be supplemented by a FAT32 formatted external USB 2.0 hard drive to expand your online media storage.


Can I stream movies/content to REDRAY?


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