RED ROCKET-X has been discontinued.

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Frequently asked questions covered on this page:


What is the power consumption of the RED ROCKET-X?

150 watts


What are the system requirements for RED ROCKET-X?

The computer system must meet the following hardware requirements in order to use the RED ROCKET-X®:

  • PCIe slot that accepts a x16 card, and has at least 8 lanes of data
  • 2048 MB RAM

The RED ROCKET-X can be installed in any of the following:

  • Mac Pro® (2012 model and earlier)
  • Thunderbolt™ expansion chassis
  • PCIe expansion chassis
  • PC

NOTE: RED® does not recommend using a RED ROCKET® (first generation) with a new Mac Pro (Late 2013 model or later) because it may interrupt audio playback and slow down data transfer rates for both Ethernet and Thunderbolt. These issues do not occur with earlier models of the Mac Pro.


RED ROCKET-X Driver for Linux

RED does not supply any software or drivers for Linux support. 

If the Linux application supports RED ROCKET-X, you need to obtain the appropriate driver from the company that provides the software.

If you are interested in developing your own tools for Linux, sign up for R3D SDK.


RED ROCKET-X Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting tips covered on this page:


Transcode Speeds


Transcoding footage takes longer than expected.

Potential Resolutions

Many factors affect transcode speeds. In general, the following factors decrease the transcode speed: long clip length, high resolution, high frame rate, and low compression. Here are a few options that may increase transcode speeds:

  • Ensure that REDCINE-X PRO® is up-to-date.
  • Ensure that the RED ROCKET-X firmware and driver are up-to-date.
  • If the RED ROCKET-X is in a Thunderbolt expansion chassis, install the RED ROCKET-X in a Mac Pro tower instead of the Thunderbolt expansion chassis.


HDMI Adaptor Not Working


HDMI adaptor for HDMI Output over DisplayPort is not working.

Potential Resolutions

  • Ensure that the driver is at least 2.1.31
  • Ensure that the firmware is at least
  • Ensure that REDCINE-X PRO is at least build 37.


RED ROCKET-X Out of Date


REDCINE-X PRO displays the following warning: “RedRocket # Driver or firmware is out of date.”

Potential Resolution

Download and install the latest versions of REDCINE-X PRO and the RED ROCKET-X Installer.


Reduced Performance Over Thunderbolt


REDCINE-X PRO displays the following warning: RED ROCKET-X is connected over Thunderbolt and may have reduced performance when playing or exporting at high/full resolution.


Thunderbolt 1 and 2 provide less bandwidth than a traditional PCIe slot in a Windows®-based computer or older Mac Pro. This may result in non-real-time playback or slow export for 4K or higher clips when viewing or exporting at full resolution.

Potential Resolution

  • Decrease the REDCINE-X PRO playback resolution.
  • Export your footage at a lower resolution.
  • Install the RED ROCKET-X in a computer with PCIe slots.


Mac OS X System Information Shows Incorrect Number Of PCle Lanes For RED ROCKET-X


Mac OS X® System Information may show the RED ROCKET-X as a x8 PCIe card, even though the card is installed in a x16 slot.


This is normal behavior for the RED ROCKET-X under Mac OS X and does not impact the performance of the RED ROCKET-X. To view the correct number of PCIe lanes, go to the RED ROCKET setup dialog window in REDCINE-X PRO.


Mac Pro Does Not Recognize RED ROCKET-X In Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis


You install the RED ROCKET-X driver and firmware, but the Mac Pro does not recognize the RED ROCKET-X.


During both the driver install procedure and the firmware install procedure, the installer prompts you to restart the computer. You must disconnect power from the Thunderbolt expansion chassis during the restart process.

Potential Resolution

When the installer prompts you to restart your computer during both the driver install procedure and the firmware install procedure, disconnect and then reconnect power to the Thunderbolt expansion chassis during the restart process.


REDCINE-X PRO Does Not Recognize RED ROCKET-X in Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis


A RED ROCKET-X is installed in a Thunderbolt expansion chassis that is connected to your Mac. The Mac recognizes the RED ROCKET-X but REDCINE-X PRO does not.

Potential Resolution

  1. Disconnect the Thunderbolt expansion chassis from your Mac.
  2. Connect the Thunderbolt expansion chassis to your Mac.

If REDCINE-X PRO still does not recognize the RED ROCKET-X, restart your Mac.

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