Gyroscope and Accelerometer Data in V-RAPTOR

KOMODO, KOMODO-X, V-RAPTOR, and V-RAPTOR XL all feature a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope whose outputs are recorded alongside R3D image data*. This data is stored asynchronous to sensor rate and is sampled upwards of 1500 times per-second.

You can utilize this gyroscope data in some third-party software natively from the R3D, such as Gyroflow. For additional information and support on specific software, please contact the manufacturers directly.

For more custom solutions, asynchronous data can also be recalled using RED’s Command Line tool REDLINE. REDLINE is automatically installed with REDCINE-X Pro for Mac and Windows. A Linux version is available here. The following console command will generate all asynchronous accelerometer and gyroscope outputs for the specified clip:

REDline -i /Users/myuser/sample.R3D -printMeta 7

The above command will print the results within the command line window. To export the data in a CSV format, run the following command instead:

REDline -i /Users/myuser/sample.R3D -printMeta 7 > /OutputDirectoryPath/Name.CSV

*Accelerometer and Gyroscope data are stored in clips using KOMODO 1.7 or later, KOMODO-X 1.0 or later, and V-RAPTOR/V-RAPTOR XL 1.2 or later.

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