RF to PL Adapter w/ Electronic ND - Lens Compatibility

The RED RF-PL Adapter w/Electronic ND Filter supports PL lenses with Cooke /i Technology in addition to providing power and record triggering with compatible lenses.

While the vast majority of PL lenses are compatible with the RED RF-PL Adapter w/ Electronic ND Filter, a small selection of PL lenses are not compatible due to their rear protrusion depth.

Caution should be taken with lenses that have extreme protrusion rear elements.

  • Maximum Protrusion Depth with Straight 45.60mm Diameter: 21.60 mm
  • Maximum Protrusion Depth with Straight 54mm Diameter: 20.40 mm  

The maximum envelope of a lens that will fit into the RED RF-PL Adapter w/Electronic ND Filter is 54.00 mm to a depth of 20.40 mm, or 45.60 mm to a depth of 21.60 mm as shown in the diagram below.

To check suspect lenses:

  • Remove the Adapter from the camera and attach it to the lens without a filter inserted. 
  • If the lens does not protrude into the filter tray cavity, it will attach to the Adapter with filter inserted without collision.  
  • If further verification is required, before re-attaching the Adapter to the camera, CAREFULLY slide the Clear Filter into the filter tray cavity while looking through the rear opening of the Adapter.  Watch to be sure that the filter does not touch your lens as the filter slides past your lens.

WARNING: Use of a lens that extends beyond these dimensions may damage the RED RF-PL Adapter w/ Electronic ND’s Filters or your lens.


  • Should the variable ND filter become damaged and the skin exposed to the liquid crystal material, immediately remove material using soap and water. 
  • Should the liquid crystal material come in contact with the eye, immediately flush using running water for at least five minutes. Seek medical advice.
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