DSMC2/RANGER - Automatic Mask Line Adjustment

To address the rare occurrence of a visible sensor mask line on VV footage, colloquially referred to as “stitch” line, RED has introduced a new feature in REDCINE-X which renders it imperceptible in most cases.

The new Automatic Mask Line Adjust inside REDCINE-X can automatically detect and adjust for any sensor mask line visibility. The adjustment works at any frame rate, resolution, and ISO, as well as on MONSTRO, V-RAPTOR 8K VV, and DXL2 R3Ds. This adjustment has also proved effective on some non-R3D images and those from other camera manufacturers.

The feature can be found under the Image: RAW Enhancements section, as the detection and adjustment is most effective in the raw sensor space during the decode process. The adjustment adds no noticeable increase to render times and does not affect any other portion of the image.

As this phenomenon is incredibly rare, this is not a feature enabled by default and it is recommended to only be enabled on a clip-by-clip basis if this phenomenon occurs. Debayer quality must be set to Full or ½ for the adjustment to be applied. Once enabled on a clip, exports in any file formats from REDCINE-X will include the adjustment.

Support for this feature will come later in RED’s SDK, allowing users to enable the adjustment on a clip in REDCINE-X, and have the adjustment be applied to the R3D in other software using the latest SDK without the need to make additional renders.

For further questions and assistance, contact the RED Support Team.


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