DSMC - Media is Not Supported Message

“This media is not supported with your current version of DSMC firmware.  See www.RED.com for more information or download the latest firmware.”


If you have received the warning message “This media is not supported with your current version of DSMC firmware”, your camera is not running at the minimum required firmware for the SSD.

To resolve this issue, update the camera to the latest firmware. For minimum firmware requirements, see table below:

Item & Model Number Part Number Required Firmware
RED MINI-MAG (120GB) 750-0075 EPIC/SCARLET: v5.3.46 or later; or v6.0.39 or later WEAPON: v6.1.33 or later SCARLET-W/RAVEN: All firmware
RED MINI-MAG (240GB) 750-0082 v5.1.47 or later
RED MINI-MAG (512GB) V41 750-0078 v5.1.34 or later
RED MINI-MAG (512GB) V51 750-0078 v6.2.60 or later; or v6.3.17 or later
RED MNI-MAG (512GB) V61 750-0078 v6.2.63 or later; or v6.3.27 or later
RED MINI-MAG (1TB)2 750-0081 v5.3.34 or later 

1. To see the Model Number, go to Menu > Media > Device.

2. The RED MINI-MAG 1TB can take up to 20 seconds to mount to a computer or a camera.

Model Number

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