DSMC - Troubleshoot your RED Camera

The following troubleshooting steps are important to help identify the cause of an issue that you may experience with your RED camera setup. This information is a crucial part of the troubleshooting process that RED Support performs everyday. By following these steps and providing the details below to RED Support, you can help expedite the process.

  1. Confirm the Firmware version currently installed on your camera. Each firmware release contains bug fixes and other improvements. You may be experiencing an issue that was resolved in a later release.
    • You can find this under Settings > Maintenance > System Status > Camera Info.
    • To confirm and download the latest firmware version, visit red.com/downloads.
    • If your current firmware is out-of-date, please upgrade to the latest release build found on red.com/downloads.
  2. Remove all attached accessories, RED and third-party. Ensure all contacts are clean, undamaged, and free of debris before remounting. Reattach only a RED LCD, RED power module, RED lens mount, and power the camera via AC power only.
    • This helps narrow down root causes to specific accessories and helps to ensure that a bad connection isn’t the source of the issue(s).
  3. Perform a Hard Restore. This will restore all camera settings back to factory default settings and reduce the possibility that applied settings caused the issue(s).
    • With the camera powered off, press and hold the red PWR/REC button on the right side of the BRAIN. You will hear the fans turn on as if the camera is booting normally; after about 40 - 60 seconds, you will hear them ramp into high speed. Release the PWR/REC button to complete the restore.

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting steps and your issue persists, please submit a request for Technical Support.

NOTE: To expedite our diagnosis, copy and paste the bulleted questions below into the body of your ticket along with your results after performing each step.



  • Firmware version currently installed:
    • (your answer)
  • Third-party accessories connected when the issue first occurred:
    • (your answer)
  • RED accessories connected when the issue first occurred:
    • (your answer)
  • How the camera was being powered when the issue first occurred:
    • (your answer)
  • Was there something that may have led up to this issue's occurrence or did it just start happening randomly?
    • (your answer)
  • Is this issue happening every time or is it intermittent?
    • (your answer)
  • Is this issue repeatable? If so, please provide a series of concise steps of how to duplicate the issue.
    • (your answer) 


Please send a Log File and confirm the Serial Number of the camera BRAIN for further analysis. The log file can be saved by going to Settings > Maintenance > Save Log. This will write a text document to your RED media that is about 5MB in size, ending in the word "log." This may help us to pinpoint the root cause of this issue.



Save a log file


Please also provide a photo or short video of your camera set-up and/or issue you're experiencing, if applicable.

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