KOMODO - Compatible Batteries

Compatible batteries are those that provide enough current to power the RED KOMODO and have been tested and deemed safe for use. Compatible batteries do not communicate with the camera, therefore, are unable to display battery percentage and time remaining. A warning message will be displayed.
Approved batteries, in addition to fully meeting the power needs of the camera, communicate with the camera to display battery percentage and time remaining within the camera's UI, as well as allowing the battery to be charged from the camera directly when powered off and plugged in via the DC-IN. RED recommends choosing an approved battery, such as the REDVOLT BP and those listed here
For those unable to acquire an approved battery, below is a list of compatible batteries:
Brand Product Name
Fxlion DC-C78 7.8Ah
Hedbox RP-BP975
Juicebox JB-955
Kastar 8799mAh Li-Ion
SWIT S-8845
Wasabi Power BTR-BP950G-JWP
Wasabi Power BTR-BP970G-JWP
WARNING: While third-party batteries may be mechanically compatible with the camera system, the manufacturer is responsible for the performance and stability of third-party options, not RED. Damage to the camera system or third-party devices caused by using third-party power options is not covered under warranty. The camera may be unable to determine and display the voltage or remaining battery capacity of third-party power options.
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