KOMODO - REDVOLT® BP Compatible Chargers

REDVOLT® BP batteries can be charged directly from the KOMODO camera when it is powered off and plugged into the DC-IN. 

NOTE: REDVOLT® BP was designed in partnership with CORESWX, for issues or troubleshooting, please visit https://www.coreswx.com/support 

The following chargers have been tested and confirmed to successfully charge REDVOLT® BP batteries:

Brand Product Brand & Name
Canon CG-940
Blueshape Dual BP Charger
Dolgin Engineering BP-900 Series TC40
Dolgin Engineering BP-900 Series TC200, TC200-i, TC200-i-TDM
Dolgin Engineering BP-900 Series TC400, TC400-TDM
Hawk-Woods DV-MC2A
Watson D-1511 Duo
Watson C-1511 Compact AC/DC Charger


Please be sure to check back often as the RED Support and Engineering teams will add items as they are tested and approved.

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