KOMODO - Setting up a Camera Array

NOTE: Camera Array (Primary/ Replica) operation, requires a GIG-E port, which is found on the KOMODO LINK ADAPTOR via a USB-C to Ethernet adapter. 

NOTE: For genlock to function correctly, the cameras must be on the same firmware version, and must be using the same project time base and recording frame rate. 

NOTE: To operate a camera array setup from a Windows® computer or workstation, you need one of several applications provided by RED® via R.C.P.2™ SDK or third-party developers. 

NOTE: A camera on the same network can be accessed via any web browser by going to the IP address. Port 9090 can be used to show the preview image only (ex.  

NOTE: A device that accesses the 9-PIN EXT port such as KOMODO EXPANDER MODULE will be required to allow access to GENLOCK & Timecode to Sync Sensors together.

You can sync more than two (2) cameras for applications and productions that require a camera array. To set up a camera array, you need a 1000Base-T gigabit Ethernet router. 

For more information on camera control, or to develop custom applications, see the R.C.P.2™ SDK. 

Required Cables & Accessories

Use one (1) per camera 

To set up a camera array, follow the instructions below:

  1. Attach KOMODO LINK ADAPTOR & KOMODO EXPANDER MODULE to all the cameras in the Array.  
  2. Attach CAT-5 or greater Ethernet cable to KOMODO LINK ADAPTOR via USB-C to Ethernet adapter. 
  3. Attach Ethernet cable to 1000Base-T gigabit Ethernet router. 
  4. In Camera go to Menu > Communication > KOMODO Link Adapter. 
  5. Verify a valid IP Address is supplied.
  6. Attach Timecode device to Timecode port on KOMODO EXPANDER MODULE.
  7. In Camera go to Menu > Audio/TC > Timecode Source & select ‘External’.
  8. Ensure the external source is set to output the desired Timecode.
  9. The TC indictor in the Status Row will illuminate green when jammed. 
  10. Attach Genlock devices to Genlock port on KOMODO EXPANDER MODULE. 
  11. The GEN and SYNC indicators in the Status Row illuminate green when locked and synced. (See page 165 of the KOMODO Operations Guide for Status Indicators) 
  12. On each camera, follow the instructions in Set Reel Number, Camera ID, and Camera Position (see page 102 of the KOMODO Operations Guide) to prepare media and camera settings. 
  13. Follow the set-up instructions for your third-party camera array software to set-up control over the array. 
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