V-RAPTOR - RF to PL Adapter Shim Process

The RED RF to PL Adapter is shimmed in the factory to 32mm. To shim a RED RF to PL Adapter, use a DENZ® Flange Depth Controller (FDC), or similar tool, to measure the Flange Focal Distance (FFD).  

NOTE: When shimming the RED RF to PL Adapter w/ Electronic ND Filter, the filter cartridge must be installed during the back focus process.

The following shims are provided with each RED RF to PL Adapter Pack:

Shim Specifications
Part Number Microns Inches Holes
125-5278-001 13 .0005 1
125-5278-002 19 .00075 2
125-5278-003 25 .0010 3
125-5278-004 50 .0020 4
125-5278-005 75 .0030 5

NOTE: Shims can be identified by the number of holes punched into the shim.

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Install Shims

REQUIRED TOOL(S): T6 TORX screwdriver, DENZ FDC (or similar tool), LOCTITE® 222

    1. Turn off the camera.
    2. Use a T6 TORX driver to remove the eight (8) screws on the lock ring assembly from the PL base.
    3. Remove the lock ring assembly.
    4. Add or remove the correct amount of provided shims measured with the DENZ FDC to the lock ring assembly. Add the thinnest shims first, and then add the thicker ones, so that the thicker shims hold the thinner shims in place.
    5. Place the lock ring assembly back onto the PL base.
    6. Place a small amount of LOCTITE 222 on each of the eight (8) leading threads.
    7. Replace and loosely tighten the eight (8) M2x6 mm screws in a cross pattern ("X" pattern) using a T6 TORX driver.
    8. Tighten the eight (8) screws evenly in a cross pattern ("X" pattern) using a T6 TORX driver to 30 in-oz, or damage may occur.


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