RED MINI-MAG 960GB V3 SSD Firmware Upgrade

NOTE: The RED MINI-MAG 960GB requires that your camera is on firmware v6.3.75 or later.

The RED MINI-MAG 960GB V3 is eligible for an upgrade that optimizes and updates the SSD. To identify if your RED MINI-MAG 960GB is V3 (and therefore eligible for the upgrade), follow the instructions below:

  1. Insert the RED MINI-MAG into the camera.
  2. Go to Menu > Media > Device, and identify the Model Number. If the SSD model number is "RED 960GB V3", then the SSD is eligible for the firmware upgrade.


Upgrade RED MINI-MAG 960GB Firmware

NOTE: Offload any data from the RED MINI-MAG (SSD) before you upgrade it.

NOTE: On Mac computers with REDCINE-X PRO installed, RED Watchdog mounts the SSD as Read-Only by default, which means that you are unable to write files (including firmware upgrade files) to the SSD. Change the Mount preference to Read-Write before attempting to copy firmware to the SSD.

  1. Insert the RED MINI-MAG (SSD) into the camera.
  2. Format the SSD. 
  3. Properly eject the SSD from the camera.
  4. Connect the SSD to your computer.
  5. Download the RED MINI-MAG 960GB V3 firmware here
  6. Unzip the firmware upgrade file.
  7. Copy the .rmf file to the top level of the SSD directory.
  8. Eject or unmount the SSD, and then remove the SSD.
  9. Insert the SSD with .rmf file into your camera.
  10. Go to Menu > Settings > Maintenance > Upgrade > Media
  11. Select Yes and verify that the upgrade completes.
  12. Remove the SSD from the camera when prompted by the on-screen instructions.
  13. Re-insert the SSD into the camera.
  14. Go to Menu > Settings > Maintenance > System Status > Media Info and verify that the Media Firmware Revision matches the read_me found in the download package.
  15. Format the RED MINI-MAG before use. 
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