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Where Can I Purchase the RED RAVEN Camera Kit?

The RED RAVEN Camera Kit is available from and

Included in Package:

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Purchased from

Purchased from


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Register the Camera

Fill out the Register your Camera Form.


The Benefits of Registering your Camera with RED are:

  • Activate your camera BRAIN warranty
  • Receive full access to service and technical support
  • Eligibility for upgrade program opportunities associated with the product


Download the foolcontrol RAVEN Camera Kit app

  1. Download foolcontrol RAVEN Camera Kit from the iTunes App Store.
  2. Launch the app while connected to the internet to activate the app.
  3. For more information about using foolcontrol, go to the foolcontrol website.


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Download Final Cut Pro X

When you purchase the RED RAVEN Camera Kit, you will receive a code to download Final Cut Pro X. When you are ready to download Final Cut Pro X, go to the Final Cut Pro X page in iTunes.

Enter your code received at the time of purchase in the Redeem section of iTunes to begin downloading your copy of Final Cut Pro X. If you have not yet received your code, please contact Apple.

Apple Final Cut Pro X - Resources


Charge the Batteries

The batteries ship at 33% charge. When you receive the package, first charge the batteries with the IDX VL-2PLUS battery charger.




  1. Attach the DSMC2 Outrigger Handle with the provided 3/16" hex key.
  2. Attach the DSMC2 RED Touch 4.7" LCD with the provided T20 TORX driver.
  3. Install a charged IDX DUO-C98 battery in the DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander, ensuring that the Auto Boot on Power switch is set to Off (identified by a black star).
  4. Attach the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art, ensuring that the ring lock is firmly tightened.
  5. Install the RED MINI-MAG 120GB in the camera’s built-in media bay.
  6. Press the PWR/Record button to power on the camera.

Note that the RED RAVEN in the kit comes with the DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander installed. This can be removed and switched out with other RED expanders and modules. 


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Prepare the Camera

Update Firmware

Verify that the camera has the latest firmware and update if necessary.


Calibrate the Sensor

Calibrate the sensor at the recording temperature. Recalibrate after extreme changes in temperature or exposure, or after a firmware upgrade.


Format Media

Perform a secure format of the SSD in the camera, or ensure that the SSD has sufficient available storage space for your intended recording duration.


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Formatting | RED TECH 


Define your Project

Select a Resolution and Frame Size

Optimal quality is obtained using the highest resolution available, even if only lower resolution playback is needed. Select an aspect ratio or frame guide that matches or encompasses the intended output frame. 


Select a File Format

Select a file format. The camera can record to: R3D (REDCODE RAW), Apple ProRes codecs, and Avid DNxHD codecs.


Select a REDCODE

If recording to R3D files, select a REDCODE® setting. Typically, use a REDCODE of 7:1 for general purpose shoots, 5:1 for feature films, and 3:1 for stills. Selecting a REDCODE of 8:1 or higher is commonly used to enable higher frame rates for slow motion and HDRX®, or when storage space is limited.


Select Frame Rates

The project time base defines the playback rate. Use 23.976 fps for cinema, 25 fps for PAL and 29.97 fps for NTSC. The recording frame rate usually matches the playback rate, but can be higher for slow motion playback.


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Set Exposure and Focus

Set Exposure

The camera will default to ISO 800 and can be adjusted to best suit your image capture needs. Adjust the exposure and lighting (or ND filters) to match. RED recommends adjusting the exposure only for creative control with motion blur.


Check Exposure

Check exposure by using the in-camera goal post tool and Exposure false color mode (link to sections below). Assess exposure using the full range of potential lighting and subject framing that is anticipated for a given scene.

Goal Posts

These are vertical bars on each side of the image histogram; an optimal exposure minimizes red in both bars, but particularly in the right bar.

False Color: Exposure

The Exposure false color mode indicates exactly which image regions are triggering the goal posts, and appears overlaid on the image as purple in the shadows and red in the highlights. If red is overlaid within the subject of interest, or anywhere except lights and direct reflections, then the image is likely overexposed. If purple is overlaid on key image details that are not in the shadows, then the scene is likely underexposed.


Assess Focus

Use the in-camera Magnify and Focus tools to gauge subject sharpness.


Watch & Learn

ISO Settings | RED TECH



There are multiple ways to start/stop record:

  • Press PWR/REC on the camera.
  • Press REC on the media bay.
  • Press the red button on the DSMC2®Outrigger Handle.
  • Double-tap the right 25% on an attached touchscreen display (when enabled).
  • Trigger recording via foolcontrol.



1. foolcontrol will be available 3-5 days after invoicing.


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