Troubleshooting Steps for V-RAPTOR XL

The following troubleshooting steps are important to help identify the cause of an issue that you may experience with your RED V-RAPTOR XL camera setup. This information is a crucial part of the troubleshooting process that RED Support performs everyday. By following these steps and providing the details below to RED Support, you can help expedite the process.

  1. Confirm the firmware version currently installed on your camera. Each firmware release contains bug fixes and other improvements that may resolve your symptoms.
    • To confirm and download the latest firmware version, visit If your current firmware is out-of-date, please upgrade to the latest release build.
  2. Reboot the camera by turning it off, waiting a few seconds, and turning it back on.
  3. If the symptom relates to an accessory like media or a module, then try an alternative accessory if accessible.
  4. Ensure that all cables and connections are fully seated and locked in place (if applicable).
  5. Remove all attached accessories, RED and third-party. Ensure all connector contacts are clean, undamaged, and free of debris before remounting. Try booting the camera via AC power adaptor without any accessories attached to see if the issue persists before reintegrating any accessories. Try booting the camera again after reintegrating the accessories.
  6. Perform a Reset Defaults. This will restore all camera settings back to default settings and reduce the possibility that applied settings caused the issue(s).
    • You can find this under MENU > MAINTENANCE > RESET DEFAULTS.
  7. As a last resort, perform a Hard Restore. This will restore all camera settings back to factory default settings but goes a step further to clear camera internal memory.
    • Remove all attached accessories, RED and third-party, leaving only an AC power adaptor attached. First turn the camera off, then press and hold the REC button at the same time you switch the power on. Continue to hold the REC button until the camera boots, completing the hard restore.

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting steps and your symptom persists, please submit a request for Technical Support.


To expedite our diagnosis, copy and paste the bulleted questions below into the body of your ticket along with your results after performing each step.

Copy the below text:

  • A detailed description of the issue and events that led up to its occurrence, including steps to replicate.
    • (Your answer)
  • A description of the rate of occurrence confirming whether the symptom is rare, intermittent, or continuous.
    • (Your answer)
  • Detailed list of accessories (RED and third-party), lens, and modules attached at the time the issue occurred.
    • (Your answer)
  • How were the camera and attached accessories powered when the issue first occurred?
    • (Your answer)
  • Please include a short video detailing the issue that is occurring, showing your camera setup and all attached accessories.
  • Please include a camera log file further analysis. The log file can be saved by going to MENU > MAINTENANCE > SAVE LOG. This will write a text document to your RED media ending in the word "log." This may help us to pinpoint the root cause of this issue.
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