No punch in on sensor...


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    Jonathan Shugarman

    use prores proxy in 2k from your highest resolution and voila.

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    patrick Fougere

    The prores isn't an .r3d file and isn't raw.  I would like to use all of the sensor, but not sacrifice to a different format and a flexibility of raw.


    Sorry, I neglected to mention that in my original post.  Good looking out though and for the help, but I already knew I could use it.  I will edit my post to clarify.

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    William Amenta

    I completely agree, this is a big omission in functionality, and it really hampers style. I want to be able to shoot the whole chip in lower res .r3d. 

    -constantly looking around for a 14mm lens that I don't have. The cropping is a big minus.

    -want full chip dimensions at any resolution. Not having an HD option that isn't waaaaay punched in is probably not a good long term strat. That being said, I would settle for a 4K option for FF, with low compression. 

    You can do it!